World Music Factory is a non-profit organisation, founded in September 2010 by vocalist Isa Bornau and percussionist Helene Jank. Isa and Helene met each other at the World Music Academy, Conservatory of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They have worked together in musical projects and share similar thoughts about the importance of world music education for children and youth.


World Music Factory strives to musically educate and inspire children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. We emphasize the right of every child for quality music education and self-expression. Through the main theme of World Music we provide intensive workshops in a safe and playful environment where children and youth can express themselves, take initiative and learn about important life skills. Our goal is to raise their consciousness about different cultures, including their own, through mutual understanding and tolerance between themselves and other people.


We believe that every young person, anywhere in the world, has the right to education, development and self-expression. We believe music, creativity and inspiration as powerful tools to achieve this goal.

We are...

Isa Bornau
is a Dutch vocalist with Spanish roots. She has performed with well known Dutch artists such as Izaline Calister and Brown Hill. She currently graduates at the World Music Academy of the Conservatory of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Besides being a great performer Isa is a music teacher and has enormous passion for empowering children, youth and women through music.

Helene Jank is a German percussionist and percussion teacher. In 2005 she traveled to Salvador da Bahia, where she was part of different local Samba and MPB Bands and studied with Nei Sacramento, Itamar Lima and others. In later years she studied various styles of voice and percussion. Since 2007 she studies Latin Percussion at the Conservatory in Rotterdam. Helene has given Percussion workshops in different countries.

Pablo César Acuña is a Chilean journalist and documentary maker resident in The Netherlands. He produces audiovisual material  for World Music Factory and handles press related issues. Pablo Cesar is specialised in social, audiovisual and corporate communication and has experience as a radio broadcaster, print journalist, event producer and cultural manager.